Fat Crow Design was founded
in 2007 by Tyler Vreeling

Tyler Vreeling is our Principal designer, working in the fields of industrial, visual communication and exhibit design.

In addition to being on the front lines on most projects, Tyler is also the Creative Director.

Tyler's CV

Kendel Vreeling is a multi-talented artist, designer and maker. Kendel brings to our team years of experience as an exhibit designer at Canada’s preeminent palaeontological institution, the Royal Tyrrell Museum.

If you can dream it, she can make it happen.

Kendel's CV


We tailor our team
to suit each project

Here are some of the individuals who have contributed over the years.
If you'd like to join us, please don't be shy.


Arianne Bieber - Photography
Mike Buss - Industrial Design
Teng Chong - Visual Design
Alison Forsyth - Design Practicum
Joanna Goczszynski - Industrial Design
Jocelyn Hajash - Exhibit Design Intern
Joel Harding - Art Direction/Design
Laura Harding - Visual Design
James Johnson - Industrial Design
Brock Kryton - Photography
Mark Oswald - Industrial Design
Meaghan Packford - Visual Design Intern
Chris Pratt - Visual Design Intern
Daniel Rossi - Visual Design
Eunju Song - Web Design
Spencer Tong - Industrial Design
Kendel Vreeling - Senior Designer
Tyler Vreeling - Founder/Principal
Anson Wong - Engineering/Design


Friends and sources
of Influence

Brent Comber
Marcel Breuer
Marco Stefanini